Software Engineer @ PayPal Singapore

Developer Outreach Team Lead @ PayPal Singapore

Core team @ IAmTalented.SG

What do I do?

Software Engineering

A relatively versatile software engineer, I can pick up and code in a variety of languages, depending on what is needed and necessary to get the job done. With an academic background in Computer Science mixed with Liberal Arts, my passions lies in distributed systems and security.

At this point in my career, I've worked on a huge variety of stacks both professionally or when building apps for my personal use, and have worked on PHP, Python, Ruby, C++, Java for backend related work. I'm also comfortable with frontend, having worked with frontend frameworks such as ReactJS and BackboneJS as well. More recently though, I've been working more on the mobile side of things, building UI infrastructure on Android for other team members to leverage on.


I take photos as a hobby, and have taken photos for several tech conferences and events in Singapore, both from a professional capacity, as well as from a hobbyist perspective. Most of the photos I take are under the Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivs license and exists on my Flickr account.

This is a collection of some of the better photos I've taken. To view my other works, please visit my flickr page here


I started being involved in GeekcampSG from 2011, and became the lead organiser in 2012. After 2014, I stepped down to focus fully on IAmTalented.SG, a social initiative that I will write more about below. During this period of time, I grew the community from 200 signups in 2011, to over 1.3k in 2013, with a third of the community being students.

After 2014, I turned my focus to supporting the local tech community on behalf of PayPal Singapore. I started with a team of 2, and we slowly grew the team size. We engaged developers (and designers) by hosting meetups on a regular basis, and within 3 months, we grew the team to over 20 PayPal engineers, hosting up to 12 meetups a month in our office. Here are some of the writeups from the events we hosted: UXSG | PyLadies.


I got involved in giving back to the community in my last year in Tembusu College, where I met David Hoe(Yes, the guy who appeared in many newspaper articles including this, this and this).

I am a core team member of IAmTalentedSG in my personal capacity. Below is short excerpt of what IAT is about.

IAT aims to reach out to youths at Secondary 2 and 3 levels, and provide opportunities to explore non-academic pathways through skills-based workshops. This programme will be most beneficial to youths without access to such resources (within their schools and/or family environment).

Find out more about us here!